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Youth Boxing and Jiu Jitsu

Unlock your child's potential at NITO Boxing: Fitness, Self-defense, Discipline.

More than just boxing, NITO Boxing now offers Youth Jiu Jitsu, expanding your child's horizons in the world of martial arts.

Our mission: to help your child excel as a well-rounded fighter, prepared for any situation.


  • Explosive power and precision footwork: Unleash your child's inner athlete with dynamic strikes and nimble movement.

  • Cardiovascular endurance: Build stamina and confidence, ready to go the distance.

  • Tactical thinking and self-defense: Learn practical strategies to stay safe and in control.

Jiu Jitsu:

  • Master takedowns and throws: Gain the upper hand with throws, takedowns, and submission techniques.

  • Leverage and control: Develop a deep understanding of body mechanics for real-world self-defense.

  • Intricate submission techniques: Learn to gain advantage and overpower opponents.


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